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The Microenvironment involves the factors that are close to the company that affects the WALMART strategy. The Microenvironment becomes an important issue whenWALMART wants to get the perfect Marketing Mix. For that reason WALMART must analyze deeply the Microenvironment in order to get results. These are:

Customers are the key to salesand managers must monitor customer needs in order to obtain results. The following questions will help us to analyze better WALMART’s customer strategy:
A) Did WALMART anticipate to thecustomer’s requirements (needs)?
The research shows that WALMART had to close 85 stores all over Germany because of a non-well customer strategy. WALMART tried to use the US success formula and it didn’t work.And many Analysts called this model as a “FIASCO” in Germany. As we have been learning in our Marketing course, is we want to be successful in a foreign market, we have to know what the customerwants. If you don’t do that as a company you will lose money, credibility and Markets.
WALMART didn’t understand Germans buying habits. For example in the US, people use pillowcases in a different sizethan Germans. At the end WALMART stores ended up with a huge pile of pillowcases without being sold. This is a result of a poor and non-well Customer strategy.
Employing the correctstaff and keeping these staff motivated is an essential part of the strategic planning process of an organization. Training and development plays an essential role particular in service sectormarketing in-order to gain a competitive edge. 
A) What was WALMART mistake concerning to the stores environment and Management practices?
WALMART failed in many things. First, this company wanted to usethe same management practices and style from the United States, this strategy didn’t work. Analyst says that WALMART’S American managers pressured German executives to enforce American-style...