Cirque du freak “a living nightmare”

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Cirque Du Freak “A Living Nightmare”
By Darren Shan
Little, Brown and company
Our narrator Darren doesn´t want us to know where the story takes place, but we can notice that is a dark town with mysterious places and strange things happening. The story starts taking action when the “Cirque Du Freak” arrives in town; this circus has a show with strange people such as the snake-boy, the wolfman, madam octa, and even vampires. The show is quiet uncommon because you can feel that has like a dark side. After finishing the reading we can calculate that the story takes place around the year 2000.
Darren Shan is the narrator of the story, he´s a young boy that loves bugs, cucarachas, but especially spiders since he was young, he is kind of an adventure boy who likes to go to strangeplaces and find out answers to strange things. Darren is the typical school boy, the average kid among others but he´s a good boy, always looking to the good side of everything and what he can do to make it better.
His best friend Steve Leonard, who grew up reading many horror comics and stories that talked about the Wolf-Man and all kind of Vampires, is also called Leopard. He is kind of obsessedwith those topics. Leopard gained his nickname because he´s like a wild child, got into fights, stole things, etc. He has a fierce temper and is the bad boy of the school, always causing problems.
One day, they were at the school when a friend of them came with a flyer, after viewing the "Cirque du Freak" flyer Darren and Steve feel astonished by the fantastic show picture, especially by the actof Mr. Crepsley and his giant spider that was called Madam Octa and that was poisonous.
The night of the show, both escaped from their houses to go to the freak show, when they are arrive to the show, the place was tenebrous and kind of dark.
When the show finished Steve went into the back of theater and talked with Mr. Crepsley about that he noticed that he was a vampire. He said to Mr Crepsleyto become a vampire too to join the circus as his assistant. He refuses Steve after he tasted his blood and said that it was bad blood and that it tasted odd with a flavor of evil in it. Steve got mad and declared revenge; While this strange chat of Steve with Mr. Crepsley, Darren was hidden in the theater witnessing the confrontation because he fall in a trap on the stage.
Darren with hisobsession with spiders notices Madam Octa and he returned with a flute to command her and stole it.
After a few days, Steve gets aware that Darren is avoiding him so he talked to Darren; Darren said to him that he witnessed his talk with Mr. Crepsley by falling in a trap and that he had stolen Madam Octa. In a moment, he got distracted and lost control over the spider which bites and paralyzes Steve.His only hope for survival changed when Darren talked with Mr. Crepsley to become his assistant in favor of the antidote for the poison of Madam Octa.
Steve lives but Darren is turned into a half-vampire, then he tries to live with humans, but decides to join Mr. Crepsley after he almost attack and kill his sister. Mr. Crepsley helps his apprentice to fake his own death by simulating anaccidentally fatal fall; after the funeral Mr. Crepsley digs up Darren who know can start his new life as a vampire assistant.
When I finished reading the first book of this saga, I realized with the story that if there is something out of common, something that doesn´t feels alright, or strange and the people which is near to you such as the teachers, friends or family tell not to do it or not to go forit, maybe we should take into consideration the advice because we don’t know what might happen, for example Darren going to the freak show after his professor told him not to, and his family to. If the people that take care of us tell us not to do something we should do what they are asking us to do.
The point of view of the story is first person taking Darren as the narrator of the story....
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