Coca cola is ambiciosa

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  • Publicado : 25 de enero de 2012
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Manuel Feliz
COKE: It is The Real (Greed) Thing

In this article, the author states that Coca-Cola is being immoral and taking advantage of the custumers by increasing the prices according to thewheater conditions. He is basing his arguments in the fact that when the wheater is warm people are going to be thirsty and thus they will have to buy a Coke, which is going to be more expensive. Inaddition, he argues that incresing the coke’s price based on wheter condition discriminates againt people who live in warm climates. Therefore, it is not correct from a moral point of view becausesome people will be seen as most valueble than others. Furthermore, he states that Coca-Cola is bieng greddy and unscrupulous because of profeteering when people are in situation of disadvantage.
Theauthor is basing all his arguments in the idea that Coca-Cola is not acting in the best interest of humanity but in its own interest. However, he is not considering that in most of the cases a personwill not die if he does not drink a Coke. In addition, he is comparing food and water with a coke. This is wrong because food and water are essential to people however, a coke is something that peopledrink for pleasure. Therefore, a person willing to obtain certain pleasure should be willing to pay the price for it.
The arguments presented by the author are based on opinions and believes howeverthey not probe Coca-Cola being immoral. In fact, once could argue that Coca-Cola is doing something benifitial for everybody since increasing the coke’s price will probrably reduce the number of peoplebuying it. Therefore, less people will have health problem due to drinking coke. In addition, the author makes a contradiction by stating that pepsi could do the opossitive. Since, people have morethan one choice it is not necessary to buy a coke. In consequence, his arguments are not persuasive.
This article tries to present Coca-Cola as company that has a monopoly and it is taking advantage...