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  • Publicado : 24 de febrero de 2011
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Effects of drinking excessive Coke

Many years ago a beverage was invented with the purpose of healing headaches and removing the thirst, Coke. The inventor of the most known soft drink worldwideis John Pemberton. Coke has become one of the most drunk beverages in the world, topping bottle water and juices; what many people don’t know is that it can affect our health.
Coke can affect thecalcium in our bones. This is one of the disadvantages of drinking excessive amounts of it. Because of its active ingredient, phosphoric acid, it can lower the calcium level in children and can causeosteoporosis in older women.
Another effect phosphoric acid has is anemia. This acid is one of the strongest ones; it can remove rust from metals. That is why police in the United States use Coca-Colato remove blood stains from the highways and to clean their engines. This acid will affect our kidneys and therefore our phosphate levels in our blood causing the anemia.
Another damage thatCoca-Cola can cause is obesity. Which is one of the most common eating disorders nowadays in children in Mexico and people in the United States. Consuming Coca-Cola and its derived products, such as,Coca-Cola Zero, Diet, among others, can lead to obesity because of the artificial sweeteners they contain and the level of calories. And by having obesity later you can develop other diseases such asdiabetes.
A study has proved that 10 minutes after drink Coca-Cola big amounts of sugar enter your system; you don’t vomit because of the phosphoric acid, then 20 minutes after our blood sugar spikescreating an insulin burst, which causes the liver to transform any sugar we have in our body into fat. 40 minutes after we completely absorb the caffeine, so our blood pressure rises. 1 hour later thephosphoric acid removes the zinc, calcium, and magnesium intended for our bones so we are left with nothing but fat.
Drinking a normal amount of Coca-Cola does not affect our health, the problem is...
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