Colect vs individ

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In my essay, I will explain how the collectivism and the individualism work in the
people, but specially what happens when one person has to make a decision. In this
point, what is the correct? Collectivism or individualism. Should we think individually,
in our own benefit, or should we think in the common good of the society? The
problem when you have to decide about this is the next: if youtake a collectivist
decision, you are not doing the things your heart really wants, you are not letting
yourself be happy. After write this, you should think: ok, easy choice, let´s think
individually. But if your decision is took individually, you can break many hearts, and
most probably hearts of people who really love, people who were always supporting
you. So, the question is: what ismore important, my own happiness or the collective

This essay is about the film Ae Fond Kiss, so, before start with the main points, I want
to add here important and basic information about the film. Ae Fond Kiss is a 2004
romantic drama film drama directed by Ken Loach, and starring Atta Yaqub and Eva
Birthistle. The title is taken from a Scottish poem by Robert Burns, thecomplete line
being "Ae fond kiss, and then we'll sever...". Casim Khan (Yaqub) is a Glaswegian DJ of
Pakistani origin. His devout Muslim parents, Tariq and Sadia, have arranged for him to
marry his first cousin, Jasmine, and Casim is more or less happy with the arrangement.
Casim then meets and falls in love with Roisin (Birthistle), an Irish teacher working
in his sister's Catholic school. Theythen have to decide whether their love is strong
enough to endure the repercussions of their actions and without the support of their
respective communities. At the same time, Casim's younger sister, Tahara, struggles
to find herself when she cannot gain the respect of either her Scottish schoolmates
or her Pakistani relatives. Rukhsana, Casim's older sister, loses her fiancé because
Casim'snew relationship brings dishonour to the family. Roisin loses her job because
the Catholic school's direction does not accept her relation with a Muslim man as a
married – though separated – woman because it is considered against the Catholic

Ae Fond Kiss consists of a variety of characters which makes the film more global
and interesting. All of the characters have functions and theyhelp the message of
the film to be conveyed. First of all, Roisin is Irish and Catholic girl who works as a
music teacher in Catholic school which has strict administration. Roisin represent the
individualism, fights against a branch of society: “religion”. As an individual, she has
her own voice and thoughts and pursues her happiness.

Secondly, Like Rosin, Casim suffers between hisindividual aims, dreams and the

oppression of the society. Throughout his life, he is grown up by Pakistani family
values. Families mediate the values of society. Parents consciously and unconsciously
select the values they communicate to their children who because of their
dependence, become participants in the parentally dominated family subculture. So,
girls learn how to be good wives, and boyslearn that strength requires supressing
emotions. The quality of these characters’ lives experiences result from their beliefs
and values .Their external and internal conflicts increase to the extent that their beliefs
and values are inconsistent. So, their decisions to conform or deviate are ultimately
moral questions .Their historical and traditional adaptations of fitting in or pleasingothers builds the main argument of the film. Lastly, Tahara, the sister of Casim wants
to study in the different city. But she goes between the role model her society shapes:
The woman is frail, obedient, submissive and her dreams. Such indoctrination makes
it difficult for women to know who they are and to acknowledge their own feelings.
Women like Roisin and Tahara come into their own when...
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