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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2012
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Franco: today we are in case closed to solve a family problem. In this case, Melissa, a young citizen who want to divorce from herhusband.. and we are going to know the reasons and the people who has helped her in this problem, and obviously we are going to know her husband. Also,there are her two daughters to give us their testimony.

Melissa: Good morning, as Andrea said, i’m here today to get divorced from my husband. Ithink that I need profesional help, i waited so much time and now i noticed that is late, so it is urgent.

Franco: Yes Melissa, we are gonna helpyou as all we can. First, we want to know, why do you wanna get divorce?

Melissa: Well, more than 4 months ago, he has an actitud that i can’ttolerate. He goes out everyday to drink and share time with their friends. And never have time to us. When he arrives at the house, if the girls aresleep, he screams so loud that they get up. He maltreats us, hits us, insult us. Finally, he never has money for our welfare. Just think aboutdrinking all day and he does not matter. I need to end this, my daughters and I do not deserve it.

Franco: OMG! This is impresionant. So, do you thinkthat we can help you, doing what?

Melissa: Well, i need a good lawyer and i'm sure that you can help me with that. Also, i need a psychologistto my daughters, because they are traumatized with many abuses. And finally, I hope that you can help me with all the paperwork that it's include.
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