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  • Publicado : 30 de junio de 2010
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Carolina Verbert
Professor Kennedy
ENC 1101 T-R 11am
13 November 2008
A Good Country
Colombia is a wonderful country located in the northern portion of South America. Every daymany bad things are said about this nation, but are they true? People who were born there or who have visited, have the pleasure to appreciate how beautiful nature and life in general is.Colombia has two oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic. And the beaches are so different from each other; the one on the Pacific is quiet, and not a lot of people go there, but the one atthe Atlantic is crowded. That is where a lot of its revenue comes from. There are many tourists, even though people may think it is scary to go to a country where the risk of beingkilled or kidnapped is high.
The reality is that not too long ago, security in Colombia was really bad, but things have gotten better now. People are willing to go visit, and they arealways welcome there. Colombian people are very friendly, they are happy, and sometimes they do not have all the money they would like to have but that does not stop them from traveling todifferent cities or enjoying a whole weekend with their family. Something is definitely true about its people, they believe in the saying: “where two eat, three eat.” they love to share,they love to make others smile and make them feel as if they were relatives.
Colombia also has a large biodiversity. It is a small country, but it is home to so many plant and animalspecies. The weather is tropical; so to get from a cold region to a hot region does not take too long. Bogotá, the capital is cold, but an hour south from there, the climate is warm.
Thevariety of climates, animals, plants, things to do and beautiful people to meet, are the main reasons why people should focus on Colombia’s positive aspects, then experience and enjoy it.
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