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  • Publicado : 12 de mayo de 2011
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My topic is “Fast food in USA”. I’ve chosen this topic because it’s interesting for me the fact that eating at fast food restaurants is becoming more and more common in USA,and all the problems that it generates.
But, why is so popular fast food in USA? I think that the reasons could be the few time that some people have to have lunch because ofwork. A lot of people work far from their home and they have to eat in restaurants, and fast food restaurants like McDonalds or burger king are cheaper than other normalrestaurants. Also, eating in fast food restaurants can be very quickly and it is very easy to find a fast food restaurant because there are a lot of them around the country,overcoat in big cities like New York.
However, fast food can have really bad health consequences, although fast food restaurants say that their food isn´t unhealthy. This wasdemonstrated by the documentary “Super size me”, where a man was eating only fast food from mcdonals for some months, to see the consequences, and he gained 12 kilos and hischolesterol was really increased. This documentary proved that fast food can have several health consequences like obesity or heart problems.
The obesity in USA´s population istoo high and it is increasing because of the fast food and the lack of sport activity. The most alarming date is that the percentage of obese children is too high, and thismeans an unhealthy youth population, what is a real important problem for USA goberment.
In my opinion, fast food is very bad for USA,s people because they eat it too much, butI think that it isn´t any problem in eat fast food with moderation.
Also, this trend has extended to Europe, where the percentage of obese people is increasing too.
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