Community service requirements

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Sixty hours hours of community service is required to be done when you graduate in 12th grade. These hours are not done all at once. It takes various tasks to meet your hour requirements. That meansmore work added to your student life. In most cases community work is done in weekends for students to do easily. But what if that weekend you have to study for a hard test, have a project to do, orhomework? That means you will have to miss community work or will have to work even harden to be able to work. In my opinion, schools should recommend community services but not force students to dothem. That decision should be left to them. High school students should not have mandatory volunteer requirements. The very nature of volunteer community service is that the activity is voluntary andnot mandated by the school. Making community service compulsory negates the intended purpose.

Students learn about this decision, whether to do community service or not. They show if they reallyare volunteers that don't mind taking some of their time to serve their communities or will fail to do so on their own. It is advisable for high school students to be introduced to the benefits ofparticipation in community service. This is accomplished in most high schools today through elective courses of service learning curriculum. The service learning class differs from voluntary communityservice because there is a benefit compensation component for both the business and the students. Teenagers need to have options, and parents as well as teachers need to offer those options. Instead offorcing a teenager to do volunteer work, explain the benefits. What are the benefits you ask, skill development, the positive that comes with helping others, gaining experience, making new andvaluable contacts, building a reputation, and a start for their resume. Volunteer work looks very appealing on a resume and a college application.A students willingness to help others in need, to put...
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