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By the kind of business that El Corte Ingles is, we must to do two types of competitive analysis: one as a whole firm and another one divided by brands. Our company is a kind ofbusiness that we can call department stores chain, so is a company divided in large department stores in the same physical location in several floors.

In one hand, in the origins, the only seriouscompetitor was Galerías Preciados (in the 50s and 60s), they both worked in Madrid. But some decades later, in 1995, our company bought out Galerías Preciados (which was in bankruptcy). Nowadays, there aretwo possible competitors. The first one could be Galerías Primero, but now this one only works in the Spanish region Aragon. The second one was, few years ago, Marks & Spencer, the English company,but in this case El Corte Ingles bought out this chain too (with the exception of the stores in the Canary Islands).
So, now, there are no competitors for El Corte Ingles, but there are no companieswhich has the same kind of business in Spain.

And in the other hand, we can do a second analysis focusing on the different chains and brands such as Hipercor, Bricor, Supercor, Supercor, a fashionchain called Sfera or the travel agency Viajes El Corte Ingles.

Our Spanish company wanted to introduce in the furniture market chains like the Swedish IKEA or the French Leroy Merlin in the 90s, forwhich, El Corte Ingles hired some employees of those companies, and thus they created Bricor. So the competition here is higher than in other areas because Bricor is still growing up.

Supercor wascreated to compete against DIA, Sabeco, etc, that they are medium-small supermarkets in large cities along Spain. In this area the competition is also too high.

Opencor is a kind of conveniencestores or “corner shops” which sell in gas stations all kind of food or spare parts. In this chain there is a lot of competition too, and therefore, the most of them are call Repsol-Opencor, because...
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