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construction project


Construction Project Scheduling and Control

Construction Project Scheduling and Control Second Edition

Saleh Mubarak

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

1 This book is printed on acid-free paper.
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To the soul of my father, a brilliant scholar and a noble person. He taught me the importance of knowledge, the art of teaching, and the spirit of giving. Best of all, he was a wonderful role model for me, being dedicated, altruistic, and humble. To my mother, who always showed me the value ofeducation and discipline. To my wife, for her relentless encouragement, support, and patience during the years it took me to finish this book.


Preface xiii Preface to the First Edition xv

Chapter 1

Introduction 1
Planning and Scheduling 2 Project Control 6 Why Schedule Projects? 6 The Scheduler 9 Scheduling and Project Management 10 Chapter 1 Exercises 10

Chapter 2

Bar(Gantt) Charts 13
Definition and Introduction 14 Advantages of Bar Charts 17 Disadvantages of Bar Charts 17 Chapter 2 Exercises 18


viii Contents

Chapter 3

Basic Networks 21
Definition and Introduction 22 Arrow Networks 22 Node Networks 29 Comparison of Arrow and Node Networks 35 Networks versus Bar Charts 36 Time-Scaled Logic Diagrams 37 Chapter 3 Exercises 38

Chapter 4

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