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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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Well first the Employees owe Responsibility, punctuality, Honesty and a lot of compromise.
Often the basic problem is that neither the employeenor the employer shall undertake and fulfill their promises I mention this from personal experience. As I would like to mention some things thatshould make an employer:
Paying a price to hire talent, I mean that instead of asking the employee how much you want to win the employer shouldsay according to your experience earn xxxx.
Provide the employee contracting, working a good program where you feel comfortable and happy. Itshould not apply a rule of competition among employees to avoid organizational conflicts of competence but is employed or self-improvement, and theemployee to remain steadfast in their goals and be more consistent and avoid disruption of time so as to maintain flexibility bone views really openminded and willing any communication with the employer.
To finish knowing what to do in moments like what happened in the world cup as mentionedin the article.
good not to interfere with the productivity of the company or the work of the same so you have to do is put as an incentive tosee a game well the incentive is see the game if you work harder or not look the game but that is a bad decision, because it would be disincentiveor you could talk and train the employees to becomes more proactive and produce more or faster so they can do what they want to do like see a game.