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Marketing wraps from Naming a company or product, select the product, the place where they sell the product or service, color, shape, size, packaging, location of the business, advertising, public relations, the type of sale is made, training of sales, sales PRESENTATION, problem solving, strategic growth plan, and monitoring. In the followinginformation, I’m going to explain all the categories that comprehend a business, such as marketing, accounting and administration.
The concept of marketing has changed a mass orientation, which has been called one to one marketing (one to one). Marketing, like any process, is dynamic and changing, amending constant. This process, despite what one believes, has not occurred simultaneouslyin all countries or regions.
Most of the professional marketing and business consultants often start their discussions on the nature of marketing with some disgust and a grimace or failure of style: "marketing is not just advertising."Marketing is one of the great unknown worlds of business (and unfortunately is not the only one). If you are uncertain about the importance of the marketand customers to develop a project company. Concepts such as needs, desires and market demand, product etc. Are key to enter the world of marketing. No intention of giving the definition of what is marketing is that combination of knowledge and techniques aimed to understand the market and are flowing in it. Therefore, within the business, marketing plays a primordial function that must beperfectly coordinated with the other functions, especially with the production.
The role of marketing within the company, the marketing must play a specific function-oriented analysis and understanding where the market to move the company to identify customer needs and promote and develop a demand for company products. This will take decisions affecting the pro-ct, a company image, and price.The company must know as much detail as possible to their actual and potential customers. We need to investigate what are their needs and their desires which are a habit of purchase, or your purchasing power. This will allow companies to offer the best products to its customers. Besides knowing the purchase procedures to assist in decisions INFU end of purchase. The market analysis to do so more orless synthetic. So one day when an enterprising "realizes" that requires a new product that can provide analysis, probably unconscious of the market in which there will surely be
huge state during time.
Good accounting is the methodology by which the financial information of a client Economy is recorded, classified, interpreted and communicated, that in order to be used by managers,Investor, government authority and other individuals and businesses to help the making decisions about resource allocation and utilization. In the heart of accounting is the financial transactions conditions, which represent transfers of legal property rights, according to a contractual Creation. Expressly excludes non-financial transactions, according to several of its general principlesaccepted.
Usually when we talk about accounting, it refers to financial accounts (some accounts call external) whose objective is to process information from financial transactions, generating financial statements, mainly by local extension using (banks, tax authorities, rating etc). Towards the beginning of the twentieth century, as organizations business became more complex, there isaccounting administrative (or managerial accounting, cost management, internal), which is aimed at providing information for the exclusive use of senior management of the organization and support them in making their decisions. Unlike financial accounting, the administration was handling confidential information, even in large companies opened capital, but is unavailable for a few, is subject to little...
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