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Answer to Activity 21 and rewrite

As UsCo’s CEO, definitely, I will transition UsCo Inc. to primarily an accounting software company, because it would be agreat and competitive strategy towards competitors, specially, new ones. However, in order to get much more success this strategy, all company’s members have tosupport it and to be prepared to contribute with a very good implementation, specially senior managers, because they are in charge of a lot of employees.

Regardingthe problematic situation, if they don´t respect decisions made by UsCo’s senior managers and even board members, because of the fact that they seem excessivelycomfortable with the status quo; first, I would try to explain them the multiple advantages for the company’s future of moving towards the new focus and then, I wouldalso explain them that without their cooperation and help, the main objective would not be achieved.
In order to get them to change, I would use the followinganalogy:
“The company is like a car, although it has a good quantity and quality of fuel, if just one of its engines don not works, it could not go on because itsdifferent parts would work without coordination due to the fact that each part, although it has a specific function, all of them are part of a complete system”.Besides, monthly, I will poll mid-level managers and worker-bee working under these managers, with the purpose that they report me if they get in trouble whenthey work following the new corporate focus. In this way, I could know if the managers have improved their behavior and attitude for the new company’s strategy.
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