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Joseph Conrad

(Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski )
       (Gran Bretaña, 1857-1924)
N Ovelar British Polish origin, considered one of the great modern writers in English, whose work explores the vulnerability and instability of human morality. Conrad, whose original name was Józef Teodor Conrad Korzeniowski, was born in Berdichev, 3 December 1857 Poland (now in Ukraine),son of a Polish noble,a writer of politically themed plays and a translator. From his father he inherited a love of literature.
Orphaned at age 12, and 16 left the Russian-occupied Poland and moved to Marseille. Over the next four years he sailed on merchant ships French, also fought in Spain during the Carlist Wars in the troops of Don Carlos and lived a love story that took him to the brink of suicide. Subsequentlyentered the service of the British Merchant Navy and received British citizenship in 1886, after a few years changed its name to sound more English. Over the next decade sailed a lot, especially in the East. The experiences of Conrad, especially in the Malay Archipelago and the Congo River in 1890, are reflected in their stories, written in English, which was his fourth language after Polish,Russian and French.
He published his first novel, and married Jessie George in 1895. Conrad wrote 13 novels, two memoirs and 28 short stories, although he found writing difficult and painful, as reflected in this comment own after completing the novel Nostromo (1904) , considered by many critics as his masterpiece, "a triumph for my friends may congratulate me as if I had gone from a seriousillness." Besides the effort to write, he endured the suffering that produced the drop, and the paralysis of his wife and the meager income he obtained from his work.
Life at sea and in foreign ports is the backdrop for most of his stories, but his obsession was the fundamental human condition and the individual's struggle between good and evil. Often the narrator is a retired marine, possibly thealter ego of Conrad, since some of his novels are considered autobiographical, "example of this is his first published work, Almayer's Folly (1895). One of the most popular novels of Conrad 's Lord Jim (1900), which explores the concept of honor through the actions and feelings of a man who spends his life trying to atone for his cowardice during a shipwreck in his youth.
Other works include: Theblack of the Narcissus (1897), centered on a black sailor, The Secret Agent (1907), on the London anarchists, Under Western Eyes (1911), set in nineteenth-century Russian repression, Victoria (1915), set in the South Seas, and the story The Heart of Darkness (1902) that reveals the terrifying depths of human venality, is one of the most popular stories of Conrad.
Almost all his works reflect acertain sadness. His style is rich and vigorous, and his narrative technique is used with skill of speech disruptions chronologically. The construction of the characters is solid and effective. Conrad died at Bishopsbourne, near Canterbury, in 1924. Decisive influence on the modern novel, and his work earned him the recognition of outstanding contemporaries such as Arnold Bennett, John Galsworthy,Ford Madox Ford, Stephen Crane and Henry James.

Novelista británico de origen polaco, considerado como uno de los grandes escritores modernos en lengua inglesa, cuya obra explora la vulnerabilidad y la inestabilidad moral del ser humano. Conrad, cuyo nombre original era Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski, nació en Berdichev, Polonia (actualmente en Ucrania), hijo de un noble polaco. De su padreheredó el amor a la literatura.
Quedó huérfano a los 12 años, y a los 16 abandonó la Polonia ocupada por los rusos y se trasladó a Marsella. Durante los siguientes cuatro años navegó en barcos mercantes franceses, también luchó en España en las guerras carlistas en las tropas de don Carlos y vivió una historia de amor que lo llevó al borde del suicidio. Posteriormente se puso al servicio de la...
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