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Samatha Proano
Fidel Castro
Castro was a demagogue who turned Cuba over to the Cold War Interests called United States and Russia [at the time USSR]. Within nearly five decades, he killed the soulof Cuba to the point that there is no happiness in Cuba or anyone with Cuban Blood. Who cannot forget that he killed and imprisoned “Los Pacificos” in the 1960s for the crime of attempting to playrock music? Who cannot forget the fact that there was an apartheid system in place in which Cubans could not go to hotels in their own country so that tourists can enjoy Cuba? Who cannot forget thepeople who died crossing the Florida Straits? Who cannot forget the prohibition of Christmas?

Throughout the years of revolution, he has led and directed the Cuban people's struggle forthe consolidation of the revolutionary process, progress towards socialism, the unity of the revolutionary forces and of all the people, the economic and social society, the development of education, health, sport,culture and science, national defense, confrontation to external aggression, conducting an active foreign policy principles, acts of solidarity with the revolutionarymovement deepening international and revolutionary consciousness, internationalist and communist people.

Cuba has free education and free medical care. The reason why Cuba is not doingwell is the U.S. embargo. Cuba believes in communism and the economy means that everyone works and everyone benefits. No one earns more money than the other, is the opposite of U.S. capitalism.
Most of thepeople considered him a murderer, a dictator who seized Cuba and brought misery to all his people because he doesn’t let live anybody and has a total surveillance to those people who do not think the wayof the president, people of Cuba are in constant terror because they cannot say absolutely anything about the totalitarian dictatorship, and if they do, they will be punish with years of...
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