Corporal punishment

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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2011
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Corporal Punishment
Corporal punishment is a type of physical punishment, which involves inflicting pain as a disciplinary action for an offense; its sole purpose is deterrence.Domestic and school corporal punishment are two of the three main types of corporal punishment, judicial corporal punishment being the third. These two types of corporal punishment have been extremelycontroversial in today’s society, primarily because of its concerns with the involvement of children. Many have argued for and against it and yet there is no one clear answer to the question of itsrighteousness in our evolving standards of decenc y. Max A. Eckstein, an American educationist, is well known for his work with colleague Harold J. Noah and his pro corporal punishment views. Mainlydefending his argument with American and English educational history, Eckstein says that corporal punishment has successfully been used in the past and is the best way to inflict sanctions on our kids.He also argues that corporal punishment teaches both right and wrong. Furthermore, he explains how corporal punishment can cause a child to associate misbehavior with punishment and thus it is aneffective punishment and deterrent for childish misbehavior. Others that are for corporal punishment claim that with little to no cost, corporal punishment is affordable to everyone. Most of thesupporters of corporal punishment are religious groups and use quotes from the bible stating the use of corporal punishment to children to defend their point of view. What they have to understand is thatwe live in a completely different society with an entirely new social structure, maybe that type of sanctions were socially acceptable and morally correct back in the day but not so much now-a-days.Some human rights advocates, like the Committee on the Rights of the Child argue otherwise. They state that it is never right to hit a child regardless of the circumstances, and for corporal...
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