Cuando era puertorriquena

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What Are Friends For?
| JUNE 2002 |
  |   | "Still, in a way, nobody sees a flower. Really, it is so small. We haven't time and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time".Georgia O'Keefe |   |

" T H E   E A S I E S T   K I N D
O F   R E L A T I O N S H I P
F O R   M E   I S   W I T H
T E N   T H O U S A N D
P E O P L E.
T H E   H A R D E S T   I S
W I T H  O N E "
Joan Baez

" T H E R E   A R E
A B O U T   F I V E   P E O P L E
I N   M Y   L I F E   T O
W H O M   I   R E A L L Y
L I S T E N.
T H E Y   M A Y   N O T
B E   R I G H T,   B U T
TH E Y   K N O W
W H A T   I ' M   T R Y I N G
T O   D O "
Emily Mann

" O N E ' S   F R I E N D S
A R E   T H A T   P A R T
O F   T H E   H U M A N   R A C E
W I T H   W H I C H   O N E
C A N  B E   H U M A N "
George Santayana

|   |
A relationship can be viewed as a singular, primary partnership experience with another person that has the potential for personal intimacy as abasis for individual growth. Conversely, friendship has been described by Mary Hunt (Fierce Tenderness ) as a plural experience because we can have multiple friends on a simultaneous, non-competing basis.Plurality is essential because a variety of social needs are met within friendships including personal intimacy but not always as the primary need. Others include affection, alliance,companionship, aid and assistance, nurturance, shared activity, enhancement of self-worth and a sense of inclusion (T. Gallagher, Language Skills and Social Competence ).

Consequently, friendships ofdifferent types are considered necessary in order to establish a network of social support that addresses our range of social needs. Moreover, our social needs shift over our lifespan so it is important to beaware of and be sensitive to the types of friendships that will be the most supportive for us at any given point in time.

Friendship is also a reciprocal process so it is important to be...
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