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Cuba, is my country, is an archipelago of islands located in the northern Caribbean Sea. It is the principal and largest island on the Caribbean, also is the 16th-largest island in the worldby land area with a total land area of 42,803 sq mi. Cuba is the most populous island nation with over 11 million people. The Republic of Cuba remains the only country in the world whose name has notbeen changed in any way. It has a great climate to live, also have sources of riches that stand out. It is a very good for the harvest of tropical fruits, vegetables and crops.(
The tropical climate is very nice to go to the beach and enjoy sonny days. Unfortunately the warm temperatures of the Caribbean Sea and the fact that Cuba sitsacross the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico combine to make the country prone to frequent hurricanes. These are most common in September and October. In Cuba nickel is the most important mineralresource; Cuba has the world’s second largest reserves after Russia. Education has a strong political and ideological emphasis, and students progressing to higher education.(
Cuba as a socialist republic, was replaced by the Constitution of 1992, which is guided by the ideas of José Martí, Marx, Engels and Lenin. The constitution describes theCommunist Party of Cuba as the "leading force of society and of the state”. The National Assembly of People's Power (Asamblea Nacional de Poder Popular) is the supreme organ of power; 609 members servefive-year terms. No political party is permitted to nominate candidates or campaign on the island. (
Cuban culture is influenced by itsmelting pot of cultures, primarily those of Spain and Africa. Sport is Cuba's national passion. Baseball is by far the most popular; other sports and pastimes include basketball, volleyball, cricket,...