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The Princess and the dolphin.
In a distant Kingdom located between valleys and mountains there was a King who had a beautiful daughter. The wife of the King had died at birth the girl child and it towards which the King felt very sad. Time passed and the little Princess grew and every day became more and more beautiful.
-Do father, and how was my mother? He and le respondió…. was a verybeautiful woman like you and very good also. And you could find another woman as well as her so that she is my mother? The alleged King respondió…por that if what your ask me my child. Thus the King was thinking where would find a woman so beautiful and good as his wife and at the end of the day had an idea…enviaría emissaries to neighboring kingdoms to inform that I needed to find a wife to be hisQueen.
The emissaries of the King left to comply with its orders and thus the other kingdoms were interested in the proposal of the King. In one of the neighbouring kingdoms existed a witch evil and ambitious when he learned of this pensó…yo I will be the new Queen and that Kingdom is solely mine. Thus the days passed and the King announced that she would give a ball so that the other kingdomsprincesses attend and so that day choose his new wife.
When the day of the dance came, several princesses were there, eager to be chosen by the King and thus become the new Queen. As it was expected the witch also it was that day at the ball and at the time of greeting the King put him a spell to make him choose her and not to another.
Once under the spell of the witch, the King announced his marriagewith the enchantress without knowing the kind of woman who was. Time passed and the King's daughter also grew. One day while riding his horse by the meadows of the Palace, he met a young peasant who the welcome very kindly.
Both young men were impressed with the other. The young man was amazed by the beauty of the young Princess and she was delighted with the strength and intelligence of theyoung. They were talking for hours until the young Princess realized of the afternoon was and were dismissed. The young man asked him to accompany her to the Palace to which the young Princess agreed. The walk was somewhat long and despite being with his horse Princess preferred to walk with the young. Once in the Palace the young asked the Princess if she could see her again and she told him that hewould also like to see it again.
Young people were found the next day in the same place where met. The next day arrived and young people found themselves as they had been. In the prado both talked about the things that they liked to do, and they realized how much they had in common. When evening came, the younger accompanied the Princess again Palace and again they were to see the next day.
Thisroutine repeated day after day without that young people bored. Thus a day of these, the young peasant confessed to the Princess who was in love with her and I wanted to. Would you like to be my wife one day? He asked the young Princess and her respondió…si, I would like to. Both young men were in love and his love not them to see the differences that existed between them. A day in which theyoung Princess, while he almorzaba with his father and stepmother, learned something that fate had reserved for her as in any Kingdom at that time.
-My child - told his father - in a couple of years you will already be of legal age and have to have a husband and a family, in addition to future Queen must ensure an heir to the throne. I'm already and you are my sole heir is your duty to continue withour lineage. When the Queen heard that the King was infuriated.
She was sure that on the death of the King she would be the only Queen in the Palace but when he learned that the heir to the throne was Princess started to think about a plan to eliminate it. Like the Princess, in the other kingdoms also had young Princes who were in age of marriage, then the witch thought that if he married the...
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