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The Byzantine Empire
(section #1)

Prince Igor from Russia thought that Constantinople soon would be of his property, theships of this empire shot fire to the ones how were invading, so Igor’s fleet was ablaze. Controls lands surrounding Mediterranean Sea, north Europe years later the land went to a war andthis war made 2 groups formed by different religions. Constantine rules the Roman Empire, he became Christian and later built a imperial capital, he chose Byzantium to built it. It hadmarkets, cathedral, palace, circus etc; he named it using his name. and finally it split in 2 parts by the army and the trading.
This city was a good place for trading for itslocation near the 2 bodies of water and that later it follows 2 continents. The diverse people, goods and ideas made it a major center of international trade and this empire grew rich.Rome was falling while Constantinople was protected. Later became to the power Justinian, born into a poor family; he made a good system of laws made Justinian’s Code based on a summary ofthe Roman laws. The civilization blended Greek, Roman and Christian influences.
When the emperor dead the empire began to decline, later emperors have to fight againstPersians, Turks, Arabs and Germanic people to try to bring up the empire. Some people there were the same religion but practice it differently like believes, languages and this differences madethe religion to split in Roman Catholic and in Orthodox. The trading improves and the city grew in diversity, economy, size, government, and creativity in the arts. Disagreements in tradecause war against Venice, there were a fight of religions, and were invaded by other people and the defensive fortress finally fell. Renamed it became a great center of Muslim culture.
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