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willian: How was your vacation marquez?
Marquez: It was so much fun and relaxing! Daniel didn't want to come back home.
daniel: That's true, I wanted to stay on that boat...
fabian: That's right,you took a cruise to Mexico, right?
daniel: Yes, we visited Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco.
willian: Wow, that sounds like fun. How long was the trip?
marquez: It was one week.
willian:How was the weather?
daniel: It was mild and sunny. It didn't rain once.
willian: You were lucky, because last cruise fabian and I took, it rained half of the time.
fabian: That's right, I rememberthat the crew had to scramble to entertain the passengers. They had to cancel all the outdoor activities.
willian: They showed movies and had trivia games.
marquez: Oh, I love trivia games! We had alot of trivia games on our cruise and Daniel and I won twice.
daniel: That's right... we won free drinks.
fabian: daniel, tell me more about the places you visited...
daniel: Well, we visited thisplace called Deer Island in Mazatlan. We rented a catamaran that took us there and spent the afternoon at the beach.
marquez: And in Puerto Vallarta, we were able to rent a water taxi that took us toa beach. I can't remember the name, but it was beautiful. We spent the day at a resort and enjoyed the pool and the beach.
willian: What about Acapulco? I thought you mentioned that place too.daniel: Actually, we decided not to get off the ship there.
fabian: Really, why? What happened?
marquez: The ship's spa had a great deal for the people that stayed on board and since Daniel and I hadbeen there already, we decided to stay onboard.
willian: Did you get a massage?
marquez: Yes, we both got massages and I got a pedicure and a manicure too.
willian: What about you daniel?
daniel:Only the massage... ha, ha, ha...
fabian: I was about to ask about your nails daniel...
marquez: Anyway, we had a wonderful trip.
willian: It sounds like you two had a great time!
daniel: We sure...
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