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  • Publicado : 27 de septiembre de 2010
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Cali must reborn

Cali, a city in Colombia, is one of its three more important cities of that contry. Founded in 1536, and also is one of the oldest cities in America. In this paper we are tryingto analize and provide a solution for some of the importants aspects in those that Cali city needs to develope.

Cali has been one of the most unsafed cities in Colombia in last few years. One ofthe most important topics to resolve about the city is the lack of security. Policeman and policewomen aren't around as people in Cali wish they were, and walking in the streets of the city has becomea new kind of adventure. One of the reasons for this, might be the hight rates of unemployment and the poor stability of the economics.

To resolve the hight rates of unemployment is necesary tohave good education programs, so young can access to a good job and actually have hobbies to keep them away from drugs and all kind of things that my get them away from a good life and economicalstability. The education in Cali doesn't just need to be accessible, needs to be seem has an oportunity to do better. And also needs to be completed with cultural programs that give young people somethingto do, such as theater, music, sports, e.t.c.

One other thing that might need Cali, is the infrastructure developement so we, the people of the city, might have some order in aspects like publictransportation, and the approaching to the city events or the goverment buildings. Specially for example in the juridic aspect. All about courts and notaries are disordered, they are mostly ubicated inthe center of the city, and even knowing that this are one of the most important bulding to the people, they dont have the presentation they should.

But, to give the people a good, clean, nicecity, they must learn first how to take care of it and value it. So we think the first thing to do with Cali, starts with people. Theaching them how to keep the city clean, how to respect the law and...
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