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  • Publicado : 16 de mayo de 2010
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Macarios Zapata ;
I looked over the list of courses at Humber and the music and film course sounds right for you. The others are also interesting. Susan,your aunt, took a course on sexual behaviour in the 70´s towards her Family Studies degree, and your sister and I have both taken courses in ethics and I did enjoy the course, but you will find that alot of health care students in those courses because it is necessary for their degrees. I also took introductory psychology, it can be overpowering depending on the teacher. A lot of reading.However, these are all summer courses and I am not sure how long they will last. Perhaps Ryerson has a semestered system and it is just the same as a full term, I am not sure. Ryerson is qualified as auniversity and a respected one, so work on the essay writing skills, you will need them.

I know that the labs will be easy for you. Be patient. One of the reasons you are behind in English isthat you allowed your ability to speak and understand English to permit you to coast in your English classes here. I always complained that you never did homework, and there were students who receivedbetter marks than you because they learned to spell and work at the grammar. They did not know more English than you, but they worked a lot harder. Don´t make the same mistake and slack off in yourclasses just because you can and still pass.

Its hard to discipline yourself to a routine. I know. This week I decided to wash the floors in the attic using a toothbrush and a kitchen knife andall my other routines went out the window. After five days, I had blisters and I could hardly straighten my back so I quit for a while. I had only washed the floor above my bedroom, and the spaceabove your bedroom and washroom after hours of tedious labour. Yesterday I just took the day to go to Quito and get away from the house so although I did some of my exercise, my Spanish was neglected...