Educacion en chile

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In a world where everyone is connected, where it is possible o know what is happening on the other edge of the planet, where people are connected every second of every day, every week; it isimpossible to think this would not have negative repercussion in some people’s lives.
Stress is slowly becoming one of the most common disorder psychologists are facing this days. Anxious patients, tensepatients, scared patients; psychologists have to deal with stressed people every day, and a disorder like this is not, as many may think, an adult-exclusive disorder. Everyone, children, teenagers andadults; can suffer stress, but it is because of the unawareness of people and lack of information of the symptoms and causes of stress, that people are oblivious to what is stress and that it canbecome a major problem: Depression and, eventually, suicide. Every day, the number of teenagers diagnosed with this disorder increases. At present it is estimated that 10 percent of teenagers arestressed.
Many a people ignore teenagers are being diagnosed with stress. Teenagers are exposed to many situations, and their stressors are as many as there are stress symptoms.
The main high schoolstressors are, besides school pressure; teenagers have to deal with many psychological changes and challenges; teenagers have to deal with parents, relationships and friends, which sometimes becomes toomuch for the student’s to take.

Students today face increasing amounts of schoolwork, a rapidly changing curriculum, assignment deadlines and exams; they worry about selecting careers and postsecondary programs, and they must balance schoolwork with sports, hobbies and social life. They have conflicts with parents, friends, siblings; have to cope with unpredictable moods, concerns aboutappearance, fitting in with a peer group - and also handle love relationships and sexuality. Money is always a worry, as is dealing with issues of alcohol and drugs - and now there's a new fear of...
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