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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2011
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In Colombian society there are different problematic that cause disorder in the population such as: drugs, violence, poorness, unemployment, lack of educationetc. It is worrying to see how people have different problems and how that people react to the problems; in the worst case a way of react is with suicide, understanding suicide like “act of deliberatelytaking one's own life”. Thus it will be argued depression as one of the principal cause to commit suicide. The suicide can be caused by several reasons such as depression, mental illness, alcohol anddrug problems, phobias, like fear of failure, and fear that others feel Deception for the difficulties that it’s having.

According to Jesus Ramon Gomes, psychologist and director of theFoundation "Love of Life", a Colombian non-governmental organization dedicated to suicide prevention, when somebody commits suicide, the most common cause is the depression because depression can be caused bydifferent factors prevailing in a society, like economic situation, death of a loved person, loving deception, An assault, car accident or painful physical event, psychological abuse and physicalabuse by a known or unknown person.

When someone has depression problems is more vulnerable to factors as those mentioned previously, and does not have the appropriated character for run away fromthese difficulties, these kind of people are more prone to attack themselves, an inappropriate character can blind spiritually and emotionally to the individual, if the person does not find anyalternative to his problems, it can cause the desire of suicide.

The economic situation and national situation of this country can generate stress which leads to plunge a person into depression,affecting the balance of a subject because these economic and national situations are relevant aspects that affects the today’s society, this being also a cause that leads to suicide.

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