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B- Hi Lupe! long time no see you. How have you been?
L- yes, I know!. How have you done with your life?
B- I haven’t done anything special, I am onlystudying and working, the drabness of always. Well….I hadn’t done anything special until I began to work.
L- where are you working?.....because your face sample thatyou like your work.
B- yeah! I’m so happy in my new job. I work in the Central Library.
L- Wow!.... working there must be brilliant.
B- yes, it is asensational experience! all the day I am surrounded by books, in addition also I’m surrounded by people who want to be doctors, engineers, lawyers because they needread so much.
L- since when you have been working there?
B-Do you remember a friend of the High School?.....She used to read so much, she always brought abook.
L- mmmmm…is her name Paty?
B- Yes, well, in November of the last year, I saw her in the bus; we talked about our lifes so I told her that I had beenlooking for a job.
L- So what?
B- Wait me. Well, she told me about a job in the central Library.
This is the best. The Library is being remodeled. Changing thesubject. What about your life?
L- I haven’t done anything special. I had been working in a recycling plant. It was fabulous; however, the company had toclose because they didn’t have enough money. If it hadn’t closed, I could still work there.
B- That’s a shame!
L- don’t worry. My family and me were beenplanning to start a own business. the business of restaurants has been left much gain.
B- excellent! Therefore..…I promise that I will go there everyday.
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