English conversation

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T: Good morning, Mr. Wilson.
A: Good morning. I need your help for a moment.
T: Ok, what do you need?
A: I have to go to the subsidiarycompany in Rotterdam the 22nd of this month. I would like to book a room there.
T: All right. Anywhere specially?
A: Yes, in the city centre of Rotterdam, in aninexpensive hotel.
T: Right. Do you also need to book the flight?
A: Yes, please. I would like to fly in the morning.
T: Ok. We have 3 flights but just one in themorning at 8.30 of the 21st.
A: Ok, that’s great. Could you book the room for the 21st as well?
T: Yes, of course. I will book you a single room at Holiday Inn.
A: Whattime is the arrival expected?
T: The arrival’s expected at 21:20 vía London.
A: I would also like if you could call Tim Brown, the subsidiary company’s marketingmanager to go to the airport to meet me.
T: Yes, of course. Anything else?
A: Yes, please. Could you go out and buy a nice present for Tim’s wife?
T: No problem,sir. Have you thought of anything in particular?
A: Well, not really. You know something nice, a handbag or something similar.
T: Well, I have to go out to thebanks, in my way back I can go to the city center and buy something nice in the mall.
A: Ok, that’s great. I trust you.
T: I’ll do my best.
A: Please, when you havethe flight and the room booked, let me know. Send me an e-mail or leave me a copy on my desk.
T: That’s fine, sir. If you like I will send the details of yourflight and your hotel to Tim Brown, so we can arrange your stay in Rotterdam easier.
A: That’s fantastic. You are a great secretary.
T: Thank you, sir.
A: Not at all.
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