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Mary was shown to hace a strong character in the writing by Maya Angelou.
1. She showed a quiet resistance to Mrs Viola beacause Mrs Viola tried to change hername.
2. Mary felt repulsion from the house because of the excesice order and schedules for living.
3. She describes uglinessf rom the real ugliness of MrsViola.
4. Mary remains unspoken because she wouldnt respond to the friend of Mrs Viola while serving tea.
5. Mary decides to leave the house after she got angry andbroke the dishes.

Basis of a good story
Passion: The energy that makes you wante to tell the story
Hero: The one who connects the story to our realityAntagonism: Any obstacle that the hero has to overcome
Inspiration: How is the obstacle overcome, how was the right initiative done
Transformation: What is the naturaloutcome of the well written story

In flying Annie Dillard describes the air show that she went to in Wasingtin state. There she watched David Rahm in a show offlying genius. He quickly astounded everyone with his spectacular demnstrarion of air tricks that surpasssed all the other pilots that day. Some of the tricksborught him cloe to death and it was this tensión that made everuone even the children silent in admiration. He survived the stunts of rollovers and other aerobatics.In the end a lone swallow was ledt doing those fantastic air loops in the sky.

He wasnt late
Hes afraid of himself
Were going fast
Ready to start
ClumsyExpensive large sacrifice
No escape, in danger
Lots of energy
Dont waste time
Ready to win, finish, ready
Good personality
Waiting for a chance/opportunity