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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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How was life one hundred years ago?

Life in the previous century was completely different from nowadays. Controversy has arisen between those who claim that life in the past was of a betterquality and those who oppose to this view, alleging that technological and scientific advances have helped improve people’s lifestyle. Naturally, were a comparison to be drawn between life in both periodsof human history, several distinct advantages and disadvantages could be taken into consideration, some of which will be illustrated throughout this essay.

As regards life in the past, there aremany positive aspects which are worth mentioning. Daily life was not so hectic and stressful as it has is nowadays. In those bygone days, most people worked shorter schedules and lived unhurriedly andwith fewer tensions so they could devote more time to their families and themselves. Furthermore, crime in the streets was a rare sight, which meant that people were not forced to take extreme safetymeasures against delinquency and were able to raise their children in a safer environment, where kids could play outdoors for hours on end without the fear of being mugged or kidnapped.

On the otherhand, a hundred years ago society had to face significant problems which seemed to have no possible solution. Life spans were shorter than they are today, as the field of medicine was not as advancedas it is today and people died from common diseases such as flu or fever. among others. Technology was another area that was not fully developed in those days, especially regarding the tools availablefor people to connect with one another around the world. Means of communication were neither efficient nor reliable. In fact, sending letters was a cumbersome process since it took months for them toreach their destination. Besides, only the well-off could afford to have a telephone at home and long-distance communications were limmited to just a few. Clearly, contacting people in the past...
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