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I.- Write the correct questions .
a) My father has a new car. __________________________________________________?
b) Your parents were very strict. _____________________________________________?c) My dog runs in the park. __________________________________________________?
d) Tony must arrive early at home. ____________________________________________?

II. - Complete the sentences withthe correct modal auxiliary.

a) Drivers ______________ stop at red light.
b) You _______________ study more if you want to pass the course.
c) He _______________ buy otherpair of jeans.
d) The soccer player ________________ use his hands during the game.

III.- Choose the best option.

1.- I like Italian food much /a lot.
2.- Last week I received a little/ a few letter from my family.
3.- There is a few / a little bit of cake in the freezer. Would you like?
4.- There weren´t a lot / a lot of mistakes on the exam, so I was happy.
5.- He doesn´thave a lot of / many money.

IV.- Put the verbs in brackets into the past or past continuous.

1 It _____________(rain) heavily all day yesterday.
2 What _______(you/do) at six o’clockyesterday morning?
3 Ruby __________ (slip) and _________ (fall) as she _________(cross) the street.
4 My brother _________ (fix) the washing machine while I _________ (water) the plants.
5 The children________ (try) to make a sandcastle when it _________ (start) to rain.
6 Fred ________ (feed) the dog when suddenly he __________ (hear) somebody calling his name.
7 He _________ (lose) his balanceand _________ (fall) to the ground while he _______ (ride) his bicycle.
8 ___________ (I/tell) you what ____________ (happen) to me last Sunday?
9 When James __________ (open) his eyes he___________(see) his mother.
10 When Tom __________ (come) home from work I ___________ (talk) on the phone.

V.- Make some questions with these sentences using the word that is brackets.
1.- There is a...
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