Enron(the smartest guy in the room) movie summary

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Enron – The Smartest Guy in the Room.
Director Alex Gibney

The movie start with the famous slogan "Ask Why" used in commercials for Enron, the infamous energy giant as many refer this hugecompany. It tells about the company's story and the ascent as well as how they collapse. It’s the tale of how a moderate-size Houston gas-pipeline company grew and grew while gulling the stock market andits investors for a good long time, reaping billions of dollars, and becoming the largest natural-gas supplier in North America and the United Kingdom. Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling Gibney focuses on thetop brass's amorality as he meticulously documents each step of the corporate scandal. We can appreciate how the wild personal excesses, one official had an obsession with strippers and made off withone of them as well as many millions of dollars before the company fell, are exposed.
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The film's most climactic moments involve the chillingaudiotapes of avaricious Enron traders as they toy with California's energy crisis, wringing millions in profits from the misfortune of an entire state. The fraud, coupled with the high attitude copped bycompany bigwigs who must have believed that nothing could touch them, leaves the viewer in disbelief. This cinematic scrutiny of runaway corporate greed reveals the nightmarish rapaciousness of thosewho engineered the fraud.
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In my opinion they mostly spell out a tale of swaggering arrogance and untrammeled greed. It is a well chronicle of what was once the country'sseventh-largest company and it expose one of the most disturbing corporate fraud cases. The temptation of the human flesh reflected on the ambitious and the belief that they were Gods. One of the moretroubling aspects of the Enron story is how intelligent people, such as journalists, stock analysts, academics and longtime investors, bought into the Enron mythology. Where they exposed unethical behavior...
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