Ensayo en ingles del primer encuentro entre elizabeth bennet y caroilne bingley pride and prejudice

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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2011
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Laura M. Gutierrez
20 January 2011
Caroline Bingley and Elizabeth Bennet: Jealousy, rivalry and unconsciousness
Pride and prejudice, by Jane Austen, shows in many ways how society of the 19thcentury worked and how relationships and encounter lead to a story of social classes, power, money and marriage. In this essay I will summarize the first encounter between Caroline Bingley and ElizabethBennet because it is a point of tension in the story, but specifically a point of tension in the relationship between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy taking into account the feelings that are sprouting. Ichoose this encounter because it also reflects in many ways how good manners and education of the time makes the of relationships quite modest regardless of rivalry, jealousy or hypocrisy that is presentbetween two people.
Eventhough Caroline and Elizabeth had seen each other during the first ball, they never get to talk or really even met. They only had bad impressions of each other, speciallyElizabeth about Caroline because she thinks that regardless of her money and her place of origin, she did not seem quite pleasant. They also see each other during the secon ball at Mr and Mrs Lucashouse, where Mr Darcy attempt to interact with Elizabeth, while Caroline in turn attempt to flirt and show interest to Mr. Darcy.
Although these two situations are in some way the cause many betweenthem, I consider that the first encounter between these two characters occurred when Elizabeth wnt to Netherfiel walking to nurse her sister Jane who gets sick from riding in the rain. During thisfirst encounter, elizabeth was received very politely by Caroline Bingley and her sister. This attitude certainly surprised Elizabeth, who had a totally different impression of these two women. She wasvery thankful for the care that her sister had had received and how well she was treated at first. “ The sisters, on hearing this, repeated three or four times how much were they grived, how...