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How has technology influenced English?

* Familiar words have been transformed and new ones have emerged.
* The meanings of well-known words (bookmark, surf, spam, web) have shifteddramatically, while our vocabularies have expanded to accommodate new ones.
* This “new language” will be more of the language of young people. This means that a lot of what we consider the slang of youngpeople will evolve in to the mainstream language.
* It is a language of people in hurry. People are more likely to use short word, short sentences and abbreviations.
* On the other hand,there will be lot of communication between people of different geographical regions. This will result in fewer dialects of English being used by different people

Which are examples of dialect?Spanish dialect:

* The differences between dialects are usually limited to intonation, pronunciation and isolated words and expressions. One of the main differences between the dialects of Spain andthose of Latin America is the use of pronouns. In Spain, the informal pronoun that has remained for the second person singular is "tú". However, some Latin American countries, (Argentina, Uruguay orParaguay, for example) use "vos". Tú and vos are informal and used with friends. Usted is universally regarded as the formal form, and is used as a mark of respect, as when addressing one's elders.* Vos is used extensively as the primary form of the second-person singular in various countries around Latin America (Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador,Paraguay and Uruguay) but can also be present in other countries as a limited regionalism. Its use, depending on country and region, can be considered the accepted standard or reproached as sub-standardand considered as speech of the ignorant and uneducated.
* The Spanish dialects of Latin America have only one form of the second-person plural; ustedes (formal/familiar). Meanwhile, Castilian...
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