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  • Publicado : 18 de marzo de 2011
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This book starts in a very simple way; it is a kind of a very long letter describing what a father wants to tell his son Amador, but it is not only aimed to him, it is aimed at young people, so the author uses a straightforward and clear language, without many technicalities. This work is aimed to change the way we see ethics as we normally tend to listen and give ouropinion about ethics but there is no difference in our behavior, people still behave in the same way and as the book says “we can be a bit of an imbecile, living our life being a copy of what the rest of the people do and thus we barely see our own interests and things which are good for us or we simply let others manipulate or command us and we obey without considering the justifications nor theeffects of what our actions may bring.
What makes us different from animals is our ability to think and analyze our actions; this is in fact what makes us unique, well not unique calling egoism but because we are human beings and among us we humanize ourselves and we can, in this way, be free, but it is important, from my point of view, when talking about the term freedom, to say that we are not alwaysfree of what happens to us and sometimes we have to do things we do not want, such as orders, customs and whims. But before completing an order, a custom or a whim we must consider if doing something may be convenient for us, we must think and rethink what happens to us, we have to check if it is moral or not, and to do this we need to use the consciousness, but we do not only have to checkwhether it is convenient for us, we must also check whether it is beneficial or not for others. People are not things and should be treated as people. First of all a human is a person. To understand them, we must try to put ourselves in their shoes, although it is not always easy to open and leave ourselves out of that selfishness that we all have in different levels.
All those who are selfish, hate,envy and spend their life tied to the wrong and selfish concept of “living a good life” I mean that all those who consider that good life is to get surrounded by material and superficial things, are wasting valuable time and breath and in the end they will lose everything; this way and through various examples more, the author expresses that the best way to live well is to care not only our ownwell but to wish the same for other people, not to be careless nor stupid and to be responsible of our actions, to listen and to understand those around us and consequently they will listen and understand what we say and so they will humanize us because a human being cannot be it without the rest of humans, want it or not, our own well will always depend on our peaceful relationship with the world.There are two types of ethics, the humanist and the politic, which is the set of basic rules or actions that keep order and peace in the society.
The author recalls a very common phrase which people use for any reason or another “don’t do what you don’t want others to do to you”; that is simple and that is why we have to understand what the real meaning of ethics is. Moreover, we have to keep inmind that ethics is not a simple set of rules we have to follow because there is not an exact definition to say what is correct and what is not and there is no a single exact definition of what a “good” man or a “bad” man is, also we sometimes mistake the fact to be “good” over the fact to be “accepted” by the others and although there are some people who are called “rebels” and who hate theworld without having a real reason, they cannot avoid feeling the necessity to be accepted by some groups and that is why the author dares to make an emphasis in the fact that we can prescind from material things but never from human beings to live a good life.
According to the author, the only obligation that we have in this life is not to be imbecile and from the ethic point of view being...
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