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  • Publicado : 18 de agosto de 2010
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. Yeah
Sorry, Kamehameha
After the issue of Tetris
Comes the Dragon Ball Rap

Anyone who has not followed this series
It is because he has no children
Big Bang Attack
Attacks from thePlanet Namek

Vegeta, Son Goku
Rivalries Saiyan
Allargat Basta!
And is that Castilian Grate

Mola mas in Catalan
Prefer Nubol kinton
El canvi of instantània lloc
Seeing me flipSon Goku, Goten, Krilin, Pan,
Trunks, Yamsha, Chaos and Shin Ten have
Son Gohan as a child I Flipo
second level
Satan did not beat Cell
Nor Videl

Could anyone with Broly
The LegendarySuper Saiyan
ask energy around the globe
was necessary to overcome pa

Genki ball
Magic Boo chars
Remodeled and Freezer
the sword was in front of Trunks

The Ozaru lost the caseCities are destroyed
Traverse buildings

1! 2! 3! Fusion!
The ocarina contained
within a Hildegan Tapion

The Dragon Balls
Scattered throughout the world
Based Radar and capsules

Raditz with Goku Died
Vegeta is from Nappa
Gohan did crude
with the Silver Warriors

The forces increase
I do not know how to Kilis
Vegeta I checked ... by Bavidi

Cor PetitKrilin
Stone became
Dabra by and large Saiyan-man rebels

Fighting against terrorists is in the city
Dragon Ball Rap
Per my ball Drac

Are always welcome
time to the BoardWhere an actual day
there is a year of training

The Androids were
of Dr.Gero
almost always in tournaments
Goku came first

In Heaven is leveraged
Always Yajirobai
By the grace to seeme get
a trunk on a Tao Pai Pai

AAALLLL and the fruit of power
Garlic, Junior
there was a great
at a joder

Magic beans?
Monjetas Magica ...

Kaio Shin, Vegetto
The resultof Poth

Help with Paikun
Fusion of Goku and Vegeta
Janemba could not compare
Power Gojeta

Gotrunks in Third
was a Vacilón
when someone lost his life
Sheron him

Oolong, Bulma,...
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