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Is a major problem in society today is that its consumption is a fact that generates multiple consequences, which mainly affects young people.
The main reasons are fear addiction to pain and anxiety of being.
At the beginning there is a temporary good feeling of euphoria but after a short time, the euphoria disappears and shows the desire to eat a new dose.
Drugs alter thepersonality so that the addict is unaware of his job, leaves his family and friends also to be understood, seeks companionship in other individuals in the same situation.
Its most notable features are insecurity, loneliness and distrust. Drug addicts are zero for the society because no economic value, either during their crisis desperate to get drugs or while intoxicated.


What is dope?Any substance which, introduced into the body by any route of administration, an alteration in any way the functioning of the central nervous system of the individual and is also likely to create dependency, either psychological, physical or both.
What is drug addiction?
Drug addiction, drug dependence, also called psychoactive substance is imperative that a person has to consume alcoholicbeverages or other drugs.
Type of drugs and effects:
Snuff: is a plant of the Solanaceae family, relief herbs that store solar produce muscle relaxation.
Effects: the teenager who smokes for the first time feels intoxication whose symptoms include nausea, dizziness, headache, vomiting, weakness, nicotine is a poison active peptic ulcers are related to smoking, lung disease (tuberculosis) and otherrespiratory ailments.
Alcohol: colorless liquid, of burning taste and smell nice strong flame that burns easily giving little bluish light.
Effects: the use of alcohol poisoning comes to making a slow but continuous, all organs are deteriorating progressively until the final season of drunkenness, which is the "delirium tremens" or discomfort extremely violent agitation, hallucination, reactionsof fear, convulsions and, in general, deviations of all perception and judgment.
Sedatives: Such substance has removed post under pains and calm the nerves, phenacetin, aspirin, and a barbiturate. Effects: addictive and toxicamaniacos in predisposed individuals.
Inhalants: industrial substances are usually obtained by mixing other, hence the name of solvent, and which aims to alter thefunctioning of the body, cement thinner and gasoline.
Effects: destroy living cells, mainly in the brain, their reactions are headache, vomiting, nausea, skin irritation, etc..
Cocaine: is alkaloid extracted from coca leaves and is used as anesthetic is injected to where as well as central nervous system stimulant, leading to an addiction.
Effects: Cocaine is the drug of laughter, its use is byinhalation feel superior and happy.
Includes dilated, increasing blood pressure, heart rate and breathing, increased body temperature.

Marijuana: is a drug estrae resin, leaves and flowers of the hemp delas, characterized by the production of a resinous substance, therapeutic applications and can be smoked like opium. Marijuana is not harmless.

Effects: it affects the body's physiology andpsychology of the brain. When ingested it takes over an hour to reach the blood, but if you smoke, its effects are immediate and more powerful, its duration is several hours, the physical effects are that both the impulse and depression Sanguines increases; the blood vessels in the sclera of the eyes dilate, become red.
Morphine: is an alkaloid bitter, poisonous solid, which crystallizes the prisms,the opium extracted primarily for use as a soporific and anesthetic drug.
Heroin: also called dietilmorfina, is more toxic than morphine but less hypnotic, produces cravings and irritability, as well as having to move, is the drug activity.
Effects: nausea, sneezing, coughing, bleeding nasa, fatigue, lack of coordination, loss of appetite, disminuciondel cardiacto and respiratory rate....