Essay on lament poem

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  • Publicado : 12 de noviembre de 2011
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Essay on “Lament” by Gillian Clark
In the following paragraphs it will be describe how Gillian Clark conveys her felling of grief in the poem “Lament”.
The word lament is anexpression of grief, it can be a sad tune. The title of the poem is the start of a list of lamented people, events, animals and the ecosystem damage during the war. And we can see that everyverse stars with the word “for”.
The poem is about the Gulf War, this poem is a description of what people could see that was happening on newspaper photographs for example photos ofcormorants covered with oil that is described when it says ‘in his funeral silk’. Also descriptions of how the sea was ruined with oil ‘the shadow on the sea’ show the spreading of oilfrom bombed oil wells. Other horrors were described such as young boy going to war ‘boy fusilier who joined for the company,’ and ‘the farmer’s sons, in it for the music’, all these issomething people got to now because there parents went and told it to the media so this thing could be stopped. When it says ‘the soldier in his uniform of fire’ was a terrible photographof a soldier burnt when his tank was bombed. All this is done by the author to show how terrible the war is and all the things it causes and for who she feels grief.
The Gulf Wardevastated not only the ecology but also the lives of so many people who die in terrible ways. But these poem "Lament" deals with another thing also it highlights the fact that although ittalks about problems in the Gulf War it means to show that war as a hole is the way on which man tries to fix there problems and that is something that she really feels grief for.
Toconclude the poem analyse los of thing through it but it also has a hidden message that it has been described before and its very important to have in consideration in our minds.