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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2010
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José Antonio Rodríguez 3°C 23

Subliminal messages

"sub" means below, and "liminal" refers to the "limen" or "threshold" of conscious awareness.
So, a subliminal message simply meansa message that you can’t able to hear consciously but subconsciously, the messages can be picked by your subconscious mind and will still be able to affect or influence you.
* Subliminal TapesThe most common and well-known type of audio subliminals where the messages are hidden under the sound of ocean waves or new age music.
* Subliminal Software
Unlike the other subliminaltechnologies, this involves flashing messages or affirmations very quickly on the pc monitor such that it’s not possible to consciously read the message.
* "Natural" Subliminal-Messages
One of my personalfavorites, this is where the conscious mind 'tunes-out' and ignores normally played audio messages.
* Dichotic Subliminals
Different messages being delivered to each ear at the same time. Thismakes it difficult to actually understand the message being played. But then, that's what makes it so effective in subliminal-messages...
* Backmasking (Reverse Speech)
Sometimes used, back-maskingis when the messages are played backwards such that it’s impossible for the conscious mind to understand anything.
* Silent Subliminals
Unlike subliminal audios, this technique delivers thesubliminal message silently, without the use of other masking sounds, e.g. ocean waves.
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