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Classification of reading techniques.

The Q-technique of factor analysis was used to define subtypes of reading Problems in terms of performance on 31 test of rapid reading skills. Subjects included a group of 34 children with learning problems, language problems, and mental retardation. Three subgroups were identified within each group by the statiscal classification procedure. For the reading group, one subgroup was characterized by slow oral world reading , a second by slow auditory-visual letter association.

And a third by slow auditory-visual association of words and syllables. The first and second subgroups for the mixed group were essential the same as the second and third subgroups of the reading group, and the third subgroup wascharacterized by slow visual matching. These results were compared with those of previous investigators, none of whom used multivariate correlational procedures of classifying reading disabilities. It was concluded that the achievement of a consensus regarding the number and types of developmental reading disabilities.

The importance of reading in foreign language teaching.Learning to read for a variety of purposes is essential to success in school and to learning in general. As an elementary student, your child may be asked to read for pleasure or he may be asked to read to learn new information. In both cases, solid reading skills are necessary for success.

One way to encourage your child s interest in reading is to suggest books that arenot only appropriate for his or her age level, but also are entertaining for your child. This article explains the benefits of reading.
Reading is an important skill that benefits children in many ways, and can turn into an extremely rewarding hobby later in life. Reading can be a way to escape from a bad day, a way to self-entertain, and a tool students can use to success in manyother subjects.Although to some, reading is a favored way to spend time, others just do not like reading. One of the best ways to encourage your children to read is by providing interesting titles for them to enjoy. Everyone likes reading better when they like the subject. Still, the many benefits your students could reap from reading regularly Should make the challenge of makingthem read a small price to pay.
Consider the following :

* Reading develops person creativity.Unlike movies where everything
is determined by the producer, writer and director, books allows students to create in their minds how a particular character looks likes or imagine how a scene plays out. Reading a book therefore, allows a student to exercise and cultivate her/his thinkingskills.

* Developing good reading skills can improve your students ability to
comprehend concepts and ideas.

* Reading develops critical thinking, thus, ensuring that your students will be able to think and make good decisions for themselves.

* One’s fluency is a language and consequently, communication skills are improved by reading.

* Reading introduced yourstudents to new things and has the ability to broaden their interests. A student who reads a biography of Albert Einstein for example, may be inspired to take his high school Physician class more seriously.
Review :

* Reading can develop positive values in your students. According to a
study conduced in the United States for example , students who learn to read by thetime are in third grade are less likely to take drug’s, drop
out of school or end up in prison.

* One of the main problem of todays students is their inhabit to concentrate on their lessons ( a result of their shortening attention span
solution to this problem is to encourage students to read . According to studies , reading...