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  • Publicado : 16 de enero de 2012
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Beer saved mankind
Beer It’s the most widely consumed and popular beverages in the world before tea and water. Beer is produced by the fermentation of sugars and starch derived from barley, corn,wheat, etc. Different cultures throughout the whole world have their own variation of beer-like alcoholic drinks for example: Brazilians use potatoes, Japanese use rice, Mexicans agave, etc. Peoplein the world love having a sip of cold beer after a hard day at work, celebrations or special events. Not many know that beer could be one of the mankind’s greatest discovery and also the biggestmotivator factor for human evolution; critical to the birth of civilization, medicine, science and industry.
Historians assumed mankind was driven to create the first civilizations because of the needto farmed barley in order to produce bread; however, there has been a new shocking theory showing the possibility that beer was more important factor. About 11,000 years ago, Human beings were anomadic tribe; they played roles of gatherers and hunters in order to search for food, it was the most important task of the day. They walked from one place to the other collecting their fruits andgrains in clay pots for storage purposes.
Archeologists suggest the possibility of beer discovery by accident caused by the act of Mother Nature. The following could it happened: rain water got insidetheir pots producing the fermentation of these combined elements resulting into the first alcoholic beverages of the world. The people Persuaded by the good feeling factor of beer intoxication, madethem to start farming their own barley and other cereals. From this point led them to create a series of inventions to improve the quality and quantity of beer.
As a result of this agriculturerevolution mankind started constructing houses, farms, and stables leading them to build one of the first civilizations, historians name it Mesopotamia. The need to keep track of the produce especially...
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