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Age Of Mythology(tm): The Titans v1.03
Patch Release Notes
April 28, 2004==================================================================

Patch 1.03 – Fixed a bug and a few exploits.
==================================================================CLIENT FIXES

- Fixed a bug that hindered some users from uploading stats.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed users to create free Shade units.
- Fixed an exploit that used the vote dialog screen topause games.
- Fixed an exploit that turned off Fog Of War and black map in rated games.

Patch 1.02 – Fixed a few exploits, somebugs and made a few balance adjustments.


- Fixed a database exploit.
- Fixed an exploit that could allowillegal market trades.
- Fixed an exploit involving relics that could sometimes generate free resources.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the Son of Osiris, the 2nd pharaoh and Ra priests to empower the TitanGate during construction.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to cancel upgrades at 99% and receive both the upgrade and the resources.
- Fixed a bug in recorded game playback where the "pause" textwould be remain on-screen until the application was restarted.
- Added additional checks for zoom cheats.
- Unit Balance Adjustments (NOTE: Save games from all previous versions will not be affectedby the balance changes. Recorded games from all previous versions are still supported and will replay as before):
· Titan Gate build time increased by 10%
· Isis' major god bonus (10% cost reductionfor techs) now excludes "Secrets of the Titans" and all Age up techs
· Turma and Turma Hero cost 5 more gold
· Minion damage (Ancestors god power) decreased by 2
· Promethean crush damage...
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