Examining muslims inside the united states government and the potential threat to acquire prepare and utilize a biological weapons anthrax.

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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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Examining Muslims inside the United States Government and the potential threat to Acquire prepare and utilize a Biological Weapons Anthrax.

Purpose Statement:
The purpose of thisstudy is to determine if there is trust for Muslims in the Unites States Government, find out key concepts to be able to identify which Muslims inside the government could be or become enemies andthe potential threat that Muslim can obtain, prepare and use a biological weapon. By doing this the Department of Homeland Security will be able to identify possibles terrorists inside the governmentand prevent future terrorists attacks leading to disaster situtions. The paper will address the following questions:
1. Why the Department of Homeland Security keeps recruiting Muslims?
2.What factors and warnings will help to identify Muslims suspects and possible internal threats?
3. What motivates a Muslim to use WMD, specifically a biological weapon specifically anthrax?4. What are the technical skills, process and methods processes required by the terrorist in this case Muslim group to successfully use biological weapon inside the US?
5. What are the currentweaknesses in the capacity and capability of the US to prevent detect or counter the use biological weapon anthrax?
6. How prepare is the United States to confront and attack and how real is thethreat?

Theoretical Framework
The theory that will be used is from current threats of Muslims inside the Government, determining the need to have them in the United States Government. The guidelinefor the research will be the study of methods to obatain, operate, and create a biological weapon to use agaisnt the United States and finally the impacts that a biological weapon can cause on U.S.soil.
Hypotheses: This paper will examine the following hypotheses:
1. There is a need for Muslims in the United State Government and in the different federal agencies to help protect the nation...
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