Exployacion del coltan

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  • Publicado : 19 de enero de 2012
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Commission: Ecosoc
Delegation: Saudi Arabia
Delegate: Maria Paula Navarro
Topic: 1.Development program for the exploitation of Coltan in the Republic of Congo and Colombia
Replacement: MariaPaula Delgado

Honorable members of the Chair, distinguished delegates, observers and presents receive a cordial greeting from the Saudi Arabia delegation, Coltan, dark gray, is actually a word that theabbreviated name of the two minerals that comprise: columbite and tantalite, which are vital in the manufacture of electronic equipment. The “oli clay”, as it is also known because it gets shallow,crushed and then extracted tantalum and niobium, which are indispensable capacitors and chips for computers and IPods. The search for mineral explorers stay up late around the world began clearing theforests of the Congo (Africa) to remove more than a decade, a country that holds 80 percent of the reserves and where the control of the mines has generated a war that has left some 5.5 millionvictims. The director of the National Institute of Geology and Mining of Colombia, Mario Ballesteros, said that between September and October this year will be the first auction for the licensing of legaland responsible exploitation of mineral called Coltan. According to Ballesteros, this mineral is found in higher amounts in the departments of Guainía, Vaupes and Vichada, where in the first instancewe will work, establish a special reserve areas of the state, there are approximately 10 million hectares, which are being studied to know the ability of the mineral.
Saudi Arabia is a country withlarge reserves of Coltan, agrees with its exploitation under high security in each and every one of the countries with reserves of this mineral. It disagrees with the situations experienced in theexploitation of Coltan in the Congo because as a mineral used for war should be a lot of control for the extraction of this.

Delegate: Maria Paula Navarro
Commission: Ecosoc
Delegation: Saudi Arabia...
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