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One nice and chilly evening Brukeno the wolf separated himself from the pack just to relax for a while. While Brukeno was enjoying the calm, tranquil waters and the soothing breeze he hears somethingrattling up in the tree. “Who’s there’’- he asked. “Do you know who I am?, I am the mighty Brukeno the Alpha wolf of the Mazda Treiz pack. I order you to show yourself!”- Brukeno was very protectiveand thought everything could be a threat or a set up for an ambush. “I’m a peaceful old fellow, I never meant to startle you”- said a mysterious voice in the tree. “Startle me? Ha! You must bekidding. Show yourself.” Out of the tree pops out a African vampire bat. “And what are you supposed to be?”- asked Brukeno, with a devilish grin on his wolf jaw. “I am an African vampire bat. I seem to belost”. –Sexyliino said with uncertainty. “ Oh, I can see you’re a bat, and now I know your lost. Of course bats like you are blind! What happened you lost a contact lenses?”- Said Brukeno bursting outin laughter. “We bats are not blind, we simply just see in a grayish pigment. See, typical stereo type. You think it’s easy being me?”-said Sexyliino already aggravated. “Ha! Is that a trick question?Of course it’s easy being you, flying around all night, sucking blood out of a cows neck, and sleeping upside down all day. Sounds pretty easy to me!” “Well it isn’t like that at all! You wolves thinkyour all that, trotting around in packs eating the sick, the defenseless, the young! And holing at the moon. Seriously? Big woopty freaking doo!”
“Oh hush up before I tell a spider monkey to kickyou in the jaw. You get to fly around, we have to run.”- said Brukeno. “ Oh sure bring up the flying thing, at least the humans don’t slap you guys around when you pass by. I mean seriously, the thinkthere playing volleyball or something”-said Sexyliino. “Well you get slapped around, we have poachers always behind our tails! Ok well mostly behind our fur.”- said the mighty Brukeno, that turned...
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