Filosofia latinoamericana

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  • Publicado : 5 de octubre de 2010
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Craig : Hello Reza. Welcome to ‘La Mansión del Inglés’
Reza : Hi Craig. It’s a pleasure to be here.
Craig : Where (1)[pic] you (2)[pic] Reza?
Reza : I live inValencia, Spain.
Craig : So, where (3)[pic] you (4)[pic]?
Reza : I’m from Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Craig : And, what (5)[pic] you (6)[pic] for a living Reza?Reza : I’m a teacher. I teach English in Valencia.
Craig : Do you (7)[pic] living in Valencia?
Reza : Oh yes. I love the weather, the people and my job.
Craig : What(8)[pic] you (9)[pic] every day, Reza. What is a typical day for you?
Reza : Well, I (10)[pic] [pic]at eight o’clock. I (11)[pic] breakfast and (12)[pic] to theradio
Craig : What do you (13)[pic] for breakfast, Reza?
Reza : A cup of tea and toast. Then I (14)[pic] a shower, (15)[pic] dressed and (16)[pic] to work.
Craig :What time (17)[pic] you (18)[pic] lunch, Reza?
Reza : About one thirty.
Craig : What (19)[pic] you (20)[pic] in the afternoon, Reza?
Reza : I (21)[pic] home atabout five o’clock. In the afternoon I (22)[pic] a siesta.
Craig : A siesta? That’s great, I (23)[pic] siestas! What (24)[pic] you (25[pic] in the evenings, Reza?Reza : Well, I (26)[pic] dinner, (27)[pic] T.V., (28)[pic] a book. Sometimes I (29)[pic] to the cinema or (30)[pic] dinner with friends in a restaurant.
Craig : Andwhat time (31)[pic] you (32)[pic] to bed, Reza?
Reza : Erm….not before one o’clock.
Craig : Reza, what (33)[pic] you (34)[pic] on Friday and Saturday night?
Reza :Ah. The weekends are special in Valencia. I see friends, go out, come home late.
Craig : Well, (35)[pic] [pic]Reza, (36)[pic] [pic]very much for your time.
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