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Compare and Contrast “Sleepy Hollow”

- Main charates

Ichabod Crane
Katrina Van Tassel
Baltus Van TasselMOVIE

- Main charates

Ichabod Crane
Katrina Van Tassel
Vant bruntTEXT

Ichabod Crane is a resolved but sometimes a cowardly detective sent Sleepy Hallow to discover some murders. Then in a meeting he falls in love with a beautiful woman and peoplecommunicate him that the murderer is a horseman without head, Ichabod cannot believe it until he is witness of the murder, after some investigations he thinks that the horseman without head is impelled for awitch that is the stepmother of Katrina and that woman wants to keep her husband's inheritance, so the horseman without head won't stop of killing until he has his head back. Finally after a strongfight, the detective could save Katrina and he recovers the head to surrender to murderer, the horseman without head disappeared in a tree taken to the witch to the Hell.

Ichabod Crane is asuperstitious school teacher, sometimes he helped the farmers in the lighter work and he was also a singer. In fact, he earned some money by teaching music, people from sleepy Hollow considered him agreat person, they believed that the town was haunted, and there were creatures evils during night,

He fell in love with Katrina and he taught her music lesson, she was very attractive, manymen were interesting in her, like Vant Brunt, a kind of hero that didn't want Ichabod, but the teacher made jokes to him. They will make everything for Katrina. One day the teacher received aninvitation to party. He drank and danced a lot with Katrina while Vant brunt looked at them. The party finished and the teacher and when he went to his house on his horse, he heard a noise in the bushes, he...
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