Fool's crow reflection

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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2010
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In the novel “Fool’s Crow” the main character enters a state of mind where he must go through quite a quest to obtain his ultimate reward. In the end he is able to prove himself courageous andstrong enough to guide and lead his people. This story of how a man finds his destiny in such an un-awaited environment proves how his actions led him towards different perilous places in order to becomethe leader he is portrayed as being. He is put through different quests, different journeys, and is tested in many different ways.
The novel describes a setting in which a small group of the LoneEaters tribe of the Blackfeet people try to raid the Crows. In this expedition White-Man’s-Dog finds himself be swept away by other people’s actions. As an example is the fact that Fast Horse wasthe one to volunteer him for the journey instead of himself, proving that he had no natural leadership at the beginning of the story. While the narration continues, the author describes how the smallgroup encounters some signs of ‘bad medicine’ which puts all their senses at a peak.
When they reach the Crow camp, the small group of tribal member begins their raid by carefully complying witheach and every step they had carefully planned out before-hand. Fool’s Crow is in charge of raiding the horses along with the younger members of the group. When the raid has finished and a few memberof the group have gathered together at their checkpoint they notice that their leader has gone missing.
Later on in the story it is described that as their leader has been returned to them Fool’sCrow seeks revenge against the Crow chief. Thus he enters the perilous lands of the Crows and tries to kill the Crow chief himself. Although reaching a perilous place may be literal, it may also asvery well be symbolic in the novel. For example, Fool’s Crow reached a point where he battles his inner strength in order to continue on his path. Thus, the hero’s journey only send him further...
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