Frankenstein, por mary shelley

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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2012
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In the novel Frankenstein, the author, Mary Shelley, rightfully portrays Victor’s monster as incapable of learning to forgive and forget. The monster is put into many situations that would leave himunable to forgive and forget. He had no one close to him that could tell him what was right and wrong and his position in the society made it nearly impossible to forgive or forget. His position inthe society was partially due to victor; who in fact was a major role model and a bad influence for the monster.
The monster tried various times to acquire a partner or a friend, quite unsuccessfully.His appearance made it impossible for him to become even remotely close to any human. This denied him access to a source of information on what was socially acceptable and what wasn’t. When he gave upon finding a human who liked him, he asked Victor to make another creature like himself who would enjoy his company and help him learn; “I demand a creature of another sex, but as hideous as myself;the gratification is small, but it is all that I can receive, and it shall content me”(p 125). Victor refused at first but then promised to create a female for the creature. The monster finallybelieved he would receive a friend, yet victor destroyed the half-made female right before his eyes. To the monster, victor’s mistake was unforgivable. Since he could not become close to a human, and couldnot have a partner like himself, he was completely alone and solitary. He became angry and irrational, started making bad decisions, but had no one to tell him that what he was doing was wrong.
Themonster’s main influence and role model was victor. Considering victor’s mistakes and behavior, he was not a good influence or role model for the monster. First off, victor abandoned his own creation(the monster) and left him to die in the streets. The monster wandered off and had to survive alone, in a new world. The monster did not even know how to talk because he was basically just like a...
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