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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2011
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Because we don´t have option
Lydia Enith Nava Rivera
A person's freedom ends, where the other beginsLeer fonéticamente Diccionario - Ver diccionario detallado
1. abreviatura
2. pronombre
2. themselves
3. itself
4. himself
5. herself
6. yourself
7. oneself
8. yourselves
9. self

The most of the time weforget that not everything have to be resolved with violence and discussions, but sometimes when we pass through of this kind of situations in where the indignation becomes in inconformity and then infight, and when we need to be listen and don´t be ignored, we have to defend of our owns rights for ourselves.
But what are the reasons for have to happen this kind of situation?..., I think that isbecause exist inconformity within of the people and when they feel that something is wrong or feel that they are not taken into account, opt for express themselves through strikes, this situations cancause a big problem within of the people, because in most of the cases this situation that is used for solve a problem or demand something better can get out of control and cause a major problem.
Aclear example of defense of the rights is the situation that we are living in our school in this moment as there is an unconformity for part of the students against of the principal, an we´ve opt for astudent strike, that is for improve the situation that we are facing, however, not only we can see this kind of situations in our own school, if not also around the world in where disputes anddisagreements are solved whit violence an fights.
In my own opinion I think that we have to defense our rights at all cost, I mean I not say that the violence and the fights are the best way to solve aproblem but in the most of the cases we don´t have option, but for don´t cause another big problem with this kind of situation we have to remember that how humans possess principles and values and that we...
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